Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Official! I'm a Blogger.

If blogging continues to be as difficult as these first few attempts have been I may not be a blogger for long. I wrote three posts and ran into problems saving them...losing my trusty internet access each time during a save. I thought my third attempt was the charm, but alas, we will never know as it disappeared into that big black internet whole. So here I go on my fourth, and hopefully final, attempt.

I am an interior designer in Rhode Island. I started my firm about 22 years ago. I had graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and was still working full time in banking as a Vice President in Private Banking. A friend approached me with the great opportunity to renovate his large home from top to bottom, including putting on an addition that would house a soon to be enlarged kitchen. His one had to be full time. I decided this was an opportunity that I could not pass I jumped in and didn't look back.

About eight years ago I decided to scale way back on work in order to spend time with my children. When I left I had a full load of clients, and was designing, renovating, decorating and project managing 5,000 square foot homes. It was just too much to balance. I continued to take on one project at a time over those years, and now I am jumping back into it full time. My web site is being designed (and should launch in late August), projects are being photographed, and I am gearing up my office. 

That background all brings me to the thought behind this blog. There are many blogs out there that talk about design styles, what designers find stylish, and even how to's, but I haven't seen many that take you through the process of design. The changes in the world of design over the last eight to ten years have been amazing. Products for the home are everywhere..and there are literally tens and hundreds of things to choose from. You can shop right from the comfort of your own home. You can shop for paper goods at some stores and come home with new kitchen cabinets. So why would anyone need an interior designer when so many ideas and options are out there? What, if any, value can an interior designer bring. I hope you'll find the answers to this question as you read this blog. I intend to take you along with me on my journey through a variety of design projects. You'll get a idea of how many decisions need to be made, how we make them, and what happens afterwards. I'll also take you along with me on my personal business journey, as I jump back in to this business that I love. I hope it gives you a better idea of how an interior designer works, what they really do and why they can be one of your most valuable home resources.